Managing Partner
Canpulse Foods

David Nobbs grew up on a farm near Lancer, Saskatchewan. Like most farms kids, this love of farming pushed him to attend the University of Saskatchewan for 70% of a decade where he studied socializing and agriculture. He actively farms now with his brother, Lindsay, on 3500 acres and has grown lentils, chickpeas, canaryseed, coriander, maple peas, durum wheat and canaryseed. After university, he worked in the ag chemical industry as a Agronomist for 7 years with a unique interest in pulse crop production.

David was chair of Pulse Canada and in the Board of Directors for Sask Pulse Growers. He currently sits as a Director of the Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan. For the last 16 years, David has been the Managing Partner of Canpulse Foods, a special crop processing and exporting company with facilities at Kindersley, Zealandia and Lajord, Saskatchewan. His main trading focus has been lentils and canaryseed, but he also works in the pea and mustard markets. David currently resides in Saskatoon.