Previously run by the Canadian Wheat Board and then Wild Oats, Grain World has long been Canada’s dominant agricultural outlook conference. The absence of the conference in 2016 left a gap that was felt by the industry. FarmLink and Farm At Hand revived Grain World in 2017, delivering a conference and tradeshow like no other before. 

At Grain World, provoking global panelists and expert speakers in the grain industry bring their opinions on what will happen not just for the balance of 2018, but the next year. Speakers and panel members will dive in and dissect data on no less than thirteen grain, oilseed and pulse crops. In addition, attendees can expect to hear about trends in logistics, competitor origins, import markets, food trends, weather, innovation and much more.

We believe it is critical to have a forum for a healthy exchange of information between the people who have an interest in the markets. This two-day conference provides global networking opportunities with influential delegates, who will shape the future of agriculture.