STARS Air Ambulance was honoured to be the charity of choice at the 2018 Grain World Conference and Tradeshow. Event organizers had agreed to match all donations made to STARS up to $5,000, with a goal of raising $10,000 over the two days. Thanks to the generosity of those in attendance and Grain World organizers, an incredible $20,000 was raised for STARS.

There were many highlights throughout the two days. Our staff and volunteers had the opportunity to bring about community awareness, and build relationships, by speaking with a number of progressive Canadian farmers, and ag industry delegates who were not familiar with the specialized emergency medical care and air transport that STARS provides. We also connected with many continued supporters, including some whose family members or friends had benefited from STARS services in the past.

STARS had the pleasure of delivering a presentation during the luncheon on Day 2 of Grain World. Dr. Doug Martin, STARS Medical Director for Manitoba, shared a case study which focused on Charity Edwards, who was injured at the age of 10 when she fell off her bike. Dr. Martin carefully recounted the intense mission, which presented a variety of challenges due to the nature of Charity’s head injury. He touched on STARS’ recent medical advancements, including the decision to carry two units of O negative blood on board, which allows the organization’s nurses and paramedics to give blood to a patient in need, directly at the scene of an accident.

It was clear that Dr. Martin’s presentation touched the heart of the audience — within minutes of his presentation, more than $10,000 was donated, helping to surpass the initial goal. That surge pushed the funds raised to over $18,000 (including the matching Grain World funds) and prompted organizers to up their donation, bringing the overall total to an incredible $20,000.

stars donation 2018

A word from STARS Manitoba Major Gifts Manager, Shandy Walls

“The connection between STARS and the agriculture industry runs very deep. Many farmers live in areas that are not easily accessed by emergency services. STARS is there for our friends in agriculture, standing by 365 days-a-year to provide world-class care to critically ill and injured patients. The financial support from Grain World organizers and attendees went directly to STARS operations in Manitoba, helping to ensure that the next time someone needs our services, we’ll be there. Thank you to Mark and the entire Grain World team for their hospitality and support.”

A word from STARS Saskatchewan, Events Manager, Kimberly Kroll-Goodwin

“With Grain World moving to Saskatoon in 2019, we look forward to continuing the relationship that began with our colleagues in Manitoba. As the breadbasket of Canada, Saskatchewan is home to a large and far-reaching rural population which presents challenges when it comes to immediate access to emergency care. Since our arrival in the province in 2012, STARS has been there for our friends in agriculture, with over 5,700 missions flown throughout the province. We are excited to be part of this great event and thank organizers for the opportunity.”

A word from Grain World Conference Chairman, Mark Lepp

“FarmLink has been involved in fundraising for STARS for many years, and we look forward to many more years of working together. With much of our FarmLink staff located remotely throughout Western Canada, and our farming customers mostly located away from major centres, we directly understand the importance of STARS in our community. Hopefully, neither our customers nor our staff will ever need to see a STARS air ambulance on their farmyard, but we are happy that they are there if it is needed. Thank you to STARS for being there for us.”