The world’s population is shrinking. This disruption has far-reaching consequences—and benefits.  Awward-winning journalist and #1 bestselling author of Empty Planet.

From the ways that our environments affect birth rates, to the negative and positive implications of a smaller global population, John Ibbitson, a Governor General’s Award-winning writer and speaker, addresses the most pressing global issues of the day.

A #1 bestselling author and Writer at Large for The Globe and Mail, Ibbitson is a grounded and compelling voice who speaks to the most important factors influencing human life: declining populations, immigration, and the environment, and how our work and lifestyles will be changed in relation to these things. In his optimistic, scrupulously researched talks, Ibbitson shows us how to position ourselves to successfully navigate these coming demographic shifts—with an openness that is more critical to our survival than ever.

In a career spanning three decades, Ibbitson has worked as a reporter and columnist for the Ottawa Citizen, Southam News, the National Post, and, since 1999, The Globe and Mail. He also served as the Globe’s Queen’s Park bureau chief, Washington bureau chief and Ottawa bureau chief, becoming Chief Political Writer in 2012 and Writer at Large in 2015. His career of covering, analyzing, and commenting on Canadian and American politics is unmatched by any other journalist. Ibbitson’s previous book, Stephen Harper: A Biography, is an unsparing insider’s look at how Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister changed the nation, for better and for worse. It was a finalist for the BC National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction and winner of the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing.