President & CEO

Ag Exchange Group Inc.

Lyle Ehrmantraut has a unique perspective on global commodity markets.  Lyle grew up in the farming community of Torquay in South Eastern Saskatchewan and holds a degree in Finance/Marketing from the University of Saskatchewan.  While working in the Agriculture business for more than 20 years, Lyle noticed a gap between growers and grain buyers.  Ag Exchange Group developed CXN360 (Commodity Exchange Network) to bring commodity buyers and sellers together in a marketplace for the evolving agricultural industry.

Lyle is currently the President and CEO of Ag Exchange Group which was formed in 2013.  The company’s platform, CXN360, creates transparent, open, accessible and reliable agricultural commodity markets by facilitating two-way bids and offers between agricultural producers and buyers.  CXN360 allows producers to see bids from all buyers in real time while allowing them to create their own asks to sell crop inventory on their own terms.  In the past 2 years CXN360 is responsible for providing buyers and sellers with access to offers totalling more than half a billion dollars.